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Become a better character artist

100+ hours of classes on sculpting in Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, facial anatomy, Substance Painter, Substance Designer and more.

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Limited-time Fundraiser

For a limited time we are accepting donations. Here is how donated funds will be used.

The first 5000$ will be budgeted to help cover the increasing cost of video bandwidth.

I've been contacted by Vimeo announcing that we consume too much bandwidth and that they need to increase our price to at least 2,500 USD per year. The funds will be used to evaluate whether it makes sense to stay with Vimeo or pay a developper to migrate our video hosting platform somewhere that will be more affordable for the long-term.

The next 15 000$ will be budgeted to pay a professional firm to modernize and manage the website.

Website management takes a lot of my time that instead could be used on content creation. A professionally-developped website will be faster, sleeker and will allow the development of better features for all users and more robust security methods.

There is a lot more that we're planning with extra funds, including AI tools to helps artists become better at their craft. I have some crazy ideas there that I can't publicly talk about because they will be stolen before I can implement them. More will be announced in the future.

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Mentorships can be cancelled before the first session has happened for a full refund minus a 50 USD processing fee.

Total amount raised: 7398$

Alternatively, you can also send a donation directly through Paypal at:

Want to become an official Outgang sponsor? Reach us at to discuss it.

A sincere thank to everyone who chooses to donate, even if it's only 1$. It helps.
-- Laura.

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