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Textile Generator Pro

by Laura Gallagher


Our Textile Generator Pro allows you to generate an infinite quantity of textile textures for your engine using popular weave types such as plain, twill and satin. The generator comes with presets that you can use as a starting point to customize your own textile such as blue denim, red silk satin, undyed linen, polyester, blue/green shot silk and noisy cotton. The generator is an .SBSAR file that you can load using Substance Player, Blender, Unreal, Substance 3d Painter & Designer or anywhere else where .SBSAR files can be loaded.

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Pro Features

The Pro version of the Textile Generator has extra features compared to the Free version. These include:

  • Generate textures up to a resolution of 8192×8192.
  • Height map export.
  • Weave Mask and HSV Shifts Mask.
  • Support Outgang and fund the further development of the Textile Generator.

By purchasing the Pro version, you’ll automatically get ALL future updates to the Textile Generator for free! Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when we publish updates.

Included Files

The Textile Generator as an .SBSAR file, presets for the Textile Generator, the Unreal 5 example project with an example model and materials.


The Textile Generator Pro is available for both personal/academic use and for commercial use. To use commercially on a game or VFX production you must purchase a Single-Project Studio License.

Included Files:




Unreal Scene Requires UE 5.2+


How to choose the right license?

Personal License

Choose this license if you're an enthusiast, freelancer or student.

Grants you the right to use the Textile Generator and exported textures for personal and academic use. Exported textures can be used for indie commercial projects with a revenue of less than 50 000$.

Single-Project Studio License

Choose this License if you're employed by a game, VFX or outsourcing studio.

Grants a non-transferrable, royalty-free license to use the Textile Generator and all exported textures by all studio employees on one single commercial project with a revenue of more than 50 000$.

The Generator or textures created with the help of the Generator cannot be redistributed on any online marketplace whatsoever, regardless of the license purchased.

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