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Cloth and Fold Anatomy

Fundamentals, Theory


A 3-hour deep-dive on the topic of cloth and folds. We cover:


  • The Forces that Create Folds.
  • The Concepts of Diamond and Hexagonal Folds.
  • Compression and Tension Zones on a Garment.
  • Peaks, Eyes and Buckling Points
  • Weft, Warp and Bias
  • The Influence of Different Materials on the Appearance of Folds
  • Memory Folds and a practical demonstration on how to add them in Zbrush

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  1. Wojciech Langowski says:

    Quite eye-opening, cannot wait to use this knowledge in practice 😀

  2. Jose Mario Morales Andrade says:

    It makes sense to think that is not gravity, but the Vector of the clothes colliding with one or more vectors, what creates a fold, if I were to throw a baseball enveloped in cloth, its the vector of the trajectory colliding with the zero vector of the Air what creates the folds, in the first example of the pants, it could be the shoe, a vector of 0, the vector that goes down, the fall of the pants, and the vector that goes to the front cause the leg flexing, quite interesting.

  3. Larisa Beliaeva says:

    Wow, analyzing clothes as the surface tension of a liquid is really eye-opening. And it’s so much fun when you start to see analogies. Like, for example, upper points of support/attachment of the clothes work like breakwaters and bottom support points work like reflectors of the waves. Cool!

  4. Young_Googi says:

    Resourceful lecture.

  5. Julien Lafragette says:

    Awesome !

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