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Creating Pleats and Gathers

Advanced, Theory, Practical


A 3-hour class on understanding how to create pleats and gathers in Marvelous Designer. We discuss:


  • General Tips to Have Better Performance in Marvelous Designer.
  • The Anatomy of Pleats and Gathers.
  • A Wide Range of Techniques to Create Pleats and Gathers
  • Understanding Elastics, Fold Angles.
  • The Math Behind Complex Pleat Creation.
  • Access to the Outgang Pleats and Gather Helper Tool.


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  1. Aury Gabryel says:

    ah my bad you corrected it at the end of the video >< !

    1. You really pay attention, I am impressed 🙂

  2. Aury Gabryel says:

    Hi Laura, I think there’s a error in your equation, you said : “m = (L2 – L1) / (2 x Pi x w)” (W being 50 in our case)
    and then you did ” m = (300 – 150) / (2 x Pi x 15 )” wouldn’t it be m = (300 – 150) / (2 x Pi x 50 ) instead ? Or Did I miss something ?

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