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Creating Tertiary Details

Intermediate, Theory, Practical


A 4-hour class on the full process to create tertiary (surface) details for faces in Zbrush. We cover the following topics:

  • A breakdown of all the important types of skin details
  • How to polish a head without sacrificing expressivity
  • Procedural techniques to generate details quickly
  • The proper use of Layers and Morph Targets

We also talk about the tradeoff between efficiency and precision in your approach and discuss the usage of ready-made tertiary detail solutions like TexturingXYZ or scan data versus creating everything by hand.

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  1. Jack Holland says:

    Such a great lecture, I learned ALOT from this. Thank you Laura

  2. Xuan Shang says:

    wow, this is my first time knowing the direction of pores. I always just apply some pore textures or just use texture xyz, but constantly feel there is something missing. Now, I know that I am missing directional pores! Thanks for this!

  3. Young_Googi says:

    Making skin directionality by using Smooth Directional is a really cool method. You are legend.

    1. Oh gosh haha! Thanks Young! It’s a really small tip but I’m glad it’s useful for you.

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