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Designing with Marvelous Designer 12

Intermediate, Practical


This class is part 2 of our series focusing on building a motorcycle jacket using Marvelous Designer 12. This class lasts two hours and focuses on:

  • Creating a garment design that is interesting, functional and considers the wearer’s comfort.
  • Building a bend in a garment sleeve for better mobility.
  • Building a collar that stands upright and designing asymetric details.
  • Using the Outgang Pleats Helper tool and MD12’s spiral tool.
  • Adding pleats to the back.


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  1. Bradley Collor says:

    Where is the pleat and gather helper? And is there a detail video on how to use it?

    1. It’s at the bottom of the handouts page: The usage is explained through different videos on the platform, this one is a good one:

  2. Katie Kwiatkowski says:

    Tip: The Marvelous default setting is the World Gizmo

    Laura is using the Screen Coordinate Gizmo (based on camera axis)

    How to change: Settings/Preferences Menu ▶ Gizmo ▶ select your gizmo!

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