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Eye, Nose, Lip and Ear Anatomy

Intermediate, Theory


A 3-hour anatomy deep-dive on the most important features of the face with a special focus on the details that create shape. We discuss:


  • The Eyes, Eyelids, Canthii and Tarsal Plates
  • The Contour of the Mouth
  • The Nose and its Cartillage
  • The Ears and its Cartillage


It is recommended to have watched the previous anatomy lectures before watching this one for full effect.


This lecture contains graphic dissection images that may be troubling for some viewers.


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  1. Benjamin Brown says:

    Hey Laura,
    love this series on anatomy across the different regions of the face! It’s been extremely helpful at framing certain anatomical components in a way where the relations and tells of each are more easily referred to.

    I was wondering briefly if there were any plans in the near or distant future to extend the anatomy series to other components of the body? This series has been my favorite way to brush up / reinforce certain ideas on anatomical structures, so I’d absolutely love if there were more videos guided with your insight. No worries if not though, just curious!

    As an aside, if someone wanted to study additional components of the body beyond the face, are there any key resources you would recommend out the gate?

    Thank you for making these, sincerely.

    1. Thanks for the compliments Ben! Yeah I want to do a full series on the body but I’ve been struggling with gettting my hands on enough body scan data at a reasonable price. I’d like to, it’ll happen at some point I’m sure.

  2. Arthur says:

    Hi Laura, super cool video as always!
    First, a BIG thanks for sharing with us all your knowledgs 🙂
    Just for information, at 1h22, we can’t look what you show cause of the cam. I don’t know if you want edit that. The subject is clear but it’s just a little bit disturbing about that

    1. Cheers Arthur! I can’t edit the video anymore unfortunately. This is why I don’t record myself on camera anymore 🙂

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