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Facial Fat Pads In-Depth

Intermediate, Theory


A 3-hour deep-dive into the facial fat compartments of the face. We cover in detail:


  • The Fat Compartments of the Midface
  • The Deep Fat Compartments of the Face
  • The Fat Compartments Around the Eyes
  • The Forehead, Jowls and Lip Fat


This lecture contains graphic dissection images that may be troubling for some viewers.


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  1. Ben Fraser says:

    Amazing class as always; this one was super interesting! The wrinkle I feel like I should understand but am struggling to figure out is the big vertical crease present on some people that extends from the cheekbone down to the chin. The best example is to google a picture of MacKenzie Scott and look at the left side of her face while she’s smiling. Is this just super low buccal/jowel fat creating that dramatic depression when she smiles?

    1. Hey Ben! Thanks for the question. Yeah MacKenzie seems to have very little buccal fat, allowing the cheeks to sink in like that. The malar fat is what pops out from her cheeks when she smiles. I can’t see much jowl fat either, contributing to making that wrinkle extend down to her jawline. I’m purely speculating but it’s possible she had some of that buccal fat/jowl fat liposuctioned out at some point. Being a bilionnaire and all.

  2. Larisa Beliaeva says:

    At 2:02 there was an “aha-moment”. It was really eye-opening to get to know that orbicularis oculi are connected directly to the scull bone. Previously it wasn’t clear how these wide “pancakes” are held on the top of the face :).

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