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Facial Muscles In-Depth

Intermediate, Theory


A 3-hour analysis of the important facial muscles to know as a character artist. A special importance is placed on describing the surface shapes created by these muscles. We cover in detail:


  • The Muscles of Mastication.
  • The Important muscles of the Neck.
  • An introduction to FACS.
  • All the Important Muscles of Expression.


This lecture contains graphic dissection images that may be troubling for some viewers.


References and links:

Expression scans on 3d scan store
Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy
FACS reference
Layers of the face and mimetic muscles

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  1. Zoya Kruse-Wu says:

    I am loving your informative and engaging lectures on anatomy. I really hope you do more! They are by far the best I have found on the subject.

  2. Rouie Moran says:

    Again Thank you for this clear, easy to understand lectures Ms. Laura. I can tell from the way you present this lectures that you really very passionate at teaching.

  3. Larisa Beliaeva says:

    I would say that on the face of Keira Knightley we also can see zygomatic major m. sometimes. For example here Am I right? This is it?

    1. I believe you’re right Larisa.

  4. Larisa Beliaeva says:

    It’s not the first lecture on facial muscles that I watched. But it’s definitely the most detailed and explanatory. Plenty of work is done to gather all these knowledge together. Every. Little. Detail. So cool! Highly appreciated!

    1. My pleasure Larisa! Glad you enjoyed it. Btw you’re just plowing through these classes haha it’s awesome.

      1. Larisa Beliaeva says:

        Haha, yeah! A lot of cool stuff. I just can’t resist watching them one after another :). Love your “go into the deep” approach and these 3-4 hours lectures. From my perspective, it’s a gem.

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