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Fold Sculpting in Blender, Part 2

Advanced, Practical


During this two hour class Laura completes the sculpting of the final details for the pants of her Balthier fan art. We start by exploring how to do a quick texturing pass on top of the pants using a Curvature map from Substance Painter, then move on to Marvelous Designer to generate a series of pucker alphas that we bring into Blender and apply to the model using a special roll brush. We conclude the class by adding extra detail folds using fold alphas also generated from Marvelous Designer. We cover in detail:


  • How to use Substance Painter to generate a quick curvature pass and bring it into Blender.
  • How to generate a series of pucker and fold alphas using Marvelous Designer and Xnormal.
  • Use a special build of Blender with an experimental texture Roll mapping feature.
  • Stamp alphas on our models in Blender.
  • Use the Multires Displacement Eraser Blender brush.


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