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Garment Posing and Sculpting Preparation

Intermediate, Practical


This 2-hour video covers the recent advancements Laura has made to her Balthier fanart. Laura explains the pipeline she followed to quickly rig and keyframe her base body and how she exported the animation to Marvelous Designer. She then explains how she exported her posed garment from Marvelous Designer over to Blender and prepared it for sculpting, namely by using the Outgang Cloth Nodes for Blender to transfer details from the Marvelous Designer high poly to a clean, quadded topology and added thickness in the process. She concludes by an explanation of how to set up a light rig and turntable in Blender to take advantage of Blender’s excellent real-time lighting when sculpting. We talk in detail of:

  • Marvelous Designer 12’s retopology tools.
  • Exporting a high-poly and low-poly from Marvelous Designer.
  • Quickly rigging a character using Mixamo.
  • Exporting an animation to Marvelous Designer using Alembic.
  • Using the Outgang Cloth Nodes to transfer high poly details to a quadded retopology and add thickness.
  • Setting up a light rig and turntable in Blender.

As an Outgang member, you will find the Outgang Cloth Nodes available from the handouts tab of your account page. This class explains everything about them. During this class Laura also references her Youtube video explaining how to understand and work at a proper scale in Zbrush. Finally, this Youtube video demonstrates how to set up a complete light and camera rig.

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  1. AndrewMZcroft says:

    wow looks so easy to do it in blender than in zbrush, looks like magic XD, Thanks Laura.

  2. Peter Fan says:

    Good day Laura, thank you so much for this MD 12 to Blender tutorials, very very helpful! I follow along your tutorials and those two outgang nodes works very well, love it! I can’t believe you make this great workflow for Blender, really helps me a lot, especially the thickness node with UV all done just in few clicks!

    Now, I am preaparing to the mesh with stitches for further sculpting, but I am having problem, after using smooth modifier for the high res, those stitches still failed to bind to the mesh with the error message, any further tips can help with this? Thanks in advance. Wish you have a nice day and all the success of outgang!

    1. Hey Peter! Try increasing the amount of iterations for the smooth modifier, it fixed it a few times for me. If that still doesn’t work though I’m not quite sure, there could be something unique about your mesh that the modifier doesn’t like.

  3. Alvin drakes says:

    Good day Laura, thanks for another great tutorial!

    One question:
    If we are doing cloth sim later for animation, do we still need to sculpt the folds manually in ZBrush/Blender?

    Or should we put all our effort into creating the folds/creases using Houdini Cloth sim to create the folds naturally?

    Or do we need to combine both ways for the best result?


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