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Hard Surface Creation with Marco Plouffe

Advanced, Theory, Practical


A 3-hour hard-surface geek out stream with Marco Plouffe from Keos Masons.

We cover the following:

  • A conversation on time management and mental health.
  • Developing efficient workflows.
  • Hard surface design and shape language.
  • Blocking out hard surface characters.
  • Polishing and detailing hard surface characters.
  • Texturing and Rendering tips.

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  1. David Arguedas says:

    wow awesome interview

  2. Colby Autrey says:

    This was incredibly informative. Wow. I’m going to have to watch this again to hammer it all in, but talk about a wealth of information! Thank you both for the time!

  3. Derek Parcell says:

    Very informative interview! It would be cool to see an in depth tutorial on the texturing/Polypainting part on this which was touched on briefly, especially combining it with Keyshots new 3d Paint tools. I’ve noticed James Hawkins using Polypaint/Keyshot combo but I don’t know of many resources out there going over achieving these types of things


    secret to hard surface is saying “like” a lot like marco

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