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Lighting for Sculpting in Blender

Intermediate, Practical


How can we get the best lighting possible to enhance our sculpting in Blender? We do an in-depth analysis of our lighting options and cover:

  • Opinions on studio lighting and matcaps in sculpt mode.
  • Sculpt mode lighting and performance.
  • Creating scene lights and tweaking shadow settings.
  • Creating a light rig/turntable.
  • Eye textures and materials.

Since producing this class, Laura has improved her light and camera rig recipe. Watch this Youtube video to see it.

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  1. Jan Balaguer says:

    Hi Laura! Noob here, I don’t know much about 3d sculpting (or modelling) but have been enjoying your videos and learning as I’m making my way through this new field.

    One question… I’m not sure this is the best place to ask so apologies in advance.
    You mention that some Blender’s advantages over ZBrush are that we can render shadows, and set the focal length.
    I was wondering if it’s also possible to do sculpting with stereoscopic view (e.g. VR headset) and if it would be advantageous to better read volumes while sculpting. Have you tried it? What are your thoughts? I assume it’s easier reading depth when you can use both eyes..

  2. Clive Bunner says:

    Thanks so much, such a great lesson.

  3. Nes Tor says:

    the third part of the sculpture comes out this month?

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