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Retopology with 3ds Max

Fundamentals, Practical


A 3-hour class covering all you need to know to get started doing retopology with 3ds max. We cover:


  • The very basics of 3ds Max for absolute beginners.
  • Creating, Hiding and Isolating Objects.
  • Customizing hotkeys to speed up your workflow.
  • An overview of all Polydraw retopology tools.
  • Tweaking materials to make them easier to read during retopology.
  • Retopology of the creature seen in the images.


A big thank you to Marco Plouffe for providing his Deep Angel creature to be retopologized.

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  1. Mony Cazamea says:

    Is the test bake video coming out soon?
    This is a very interesting process video, I’d really love to see how everything worked out!

    1. Hey Mony! I moved on to other things since making this class so I wouldn’t expect a continuation of it, sorry. Glad to know it’s useful though!

  2. Engin Hergul says:

    Retopology on Blender?

    1. Haha yeah we’ll get to it!

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