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Retopology in Blender, Part 3

Advanced, Practical


This video is the third part of our retopology in Blender series of classes. In it we cover:

  • Planning and creating the topology for the skull, neck and ears.
  • Should we leave the opening to the eyes open or watertight?
  • Creating anatomically correct edgeflow for the crow’s feet and creating the eye creases.
  • Modelling the mouthbag and nostrils.
  • Adding facesets and dealing with assymmetry during retopology.


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  1. Julien Lafragette says:

    Hi again, when using the curve function in the edit tool, it works for me when disabling the mirror modifier (at 3h02 ). hope it helps

  2. Julien Lafragette says:

    Hi Laura, For edge slide i think it works with double click on G key when in edge mode after selecting the whole concerned edge.

      1. Elijah Lee says:

        Or click “G” twice on any edge.

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