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Retopology with Maya

Intermediate, Practical


A 2-hour deep dive into retopology with Maya. This class covers:


    • Everything you need to know to use Quad Draw.
    • Relax, Move and Soft Selection.
    • Using the Multi-Cut Tool.
    • In-Depth Retopology Demonstration on a Creature.


A big thank you to Marco Plouffe for providing his Deep Angel creature to be retopologized.

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  1. Engin Hergul says:

    Hi Laura which one is better Blender retopo or Maya ?

    1. They’re pretty equivalent, they both have their quirks, such as the raycasting issues in Maya that I discuss during this video or the reliance on shrinkwraps in Blender. It’s not clear that one is “better”. In fact I’d say the best one for retopo is the one you’re the most comfortable with.

  2. Larisa Beliaeva says:

    Hi Laura! As I can estimate, retopology is a harder task for 3d artists who make stylized art or creature design. But what are the most important retopology challenges for realistic character designers? Is this really simpler and more automated field?

    1. Larisa Beliaeva says:

      And one more little question. What about unreal engine metahuman customization? I mean, when people take metahumans’ retopology and rig and apply them to their sculpts. Isn’t it included into the standard pipelines yet?

      1. It makes sense for someone working at an indie studio and using Unreal to steal bits and pieces of Metahuman, yeah. Bigger budget studios may have a dozen reasons why they would rather do their own thing.

        1. Larisa Beliaeva says:

          Thanks! But as regards bigger studios, I guess, they also use sort of their inner standard rigs and topologies (at least for head). Or do they really do completely unique topology for every character?

          1. We commonly re-use the same head topology across all characters yeah. Base bodies are often shared too, so the parts that get retopologized manually for each character is its outfit.

    2. Hi Larisa! I’m intrigued by your comment that retopology is easier for realistic character creation than for stylized/creatures. Could you elaborate on it? There’s many challenges when it comes to retopology in general and the biggest ones that come to mind are: Getting the best flow/density for deformation, capturing the shape/ilhouette of an object in the most optimized way possible.

      1. Larisa Beliaeva says:

        Hi Laura! Thank you for the answer! Well, at the moment I feel that I know too little about it to ask proper questions :). I will try to find out more about it.

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