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Retopology Workflow

Fundamentals, Theory, Practical


A class covering the whole retopology workflow from A to Z. This class includes:


    • A breakdown of all the major retopology steps.
    • Laura’s opinion on using ZRemesher for retopology.
    • In-depth demonstration of Decimation Master.
    • Iterating after the first retopology pass.
    • Doing normal map test bakes.
    • An explanation of the steps that come after retopology.


A big thank you to Marco Plouffe for providing his Deep Angel creature to be retopologized.

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  1. Jasper Hesseling says:

    And it slowly got darker outside… Nice in depth lesson.

  2. Dino Qwerty says:

    Jesus Christ I s**t my pants at 1:11:00 and almost spilled my coffee ⁀⊙﹏⊙⁀
    Btw thanks for making great content and keeping it fun! Love you so much <3

    1. The fun thing about doing so many of these videos is that I forget myself the hidden nuggets like that and I get to be as suprised as you when I rewatch them 🙂

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