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Introduction to Sculpting in Blender

Fundamentals, Practical

How to use Blender for sculpting organic shapes. This class covers the following points:
  • In-depth exploration of the Claystrips, Fill, Carve and Draw Sharp brushes.
  • Brush and pen pressure settings for maximum intensity range.
  • Remesh resolution and performance.
  • Lip sculpting demo.
  • Multires Add/Subdivide Addon installation/usage
  • Sculpting at different Mutlires resolutions and performance.
  • How to apply skin pore alphas.



  1. Claire Grimond says:

    Hi Laura, thank you for this interesting course. Regarding the layers, there is the add-on Sculpt layers available on ArtStation, but I haven’t tested it yet. What do you think about it ?

    1. I haven’t tried it either but it sounds like something to check out. Cheers!

  2. Engin Hergul says:

    More Blender pls.

  3. Francesco Piacenti says:

    I hope the Blender phase will continue!

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