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Shortcuts, Efficiency and Custom Nodes

Intermediate, Practical


This class focuses on diverse bits of knowledge that will help you increase your efficiency in Substance Designer. We cover the following topics:


  • The importance of customizing shortcuts and owning an interface.
  • The custom shortcuts I commonly use in Substance Designer.
  • When and how to suspend the engine.
  • How to create custom nodes and custom functions.
  • How to customize the shelf.
  • A look at a lot of the custom functions I created for myself.


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  1. Larisa Beliaeva says:

    Shortcuts are really cool thing but it’s also required to be accurate with them. Making many shortcuts moves you to the point when you need to remember a lot of shortcuts. Sometimes it overloads your brain a lot. During the periods when I was heavily working in After Effects, I made about a hundred shortcuts to speed up my workflow. It was really cool, I was superfast, but the point is that when I shared them with my team, they didn’t actually find them useful and they worked like they used to. So shortcuts are a lot about your reflections on your own working process. Which tools do you use more often, is it worth of occupying a little bit more of your memory space, etc. By the way, when I made a break in using After Effects, I really hardly could remember which shortcut is for what. So the overall working process became remarkably slower.

    1. Larisa Beliaeva says:

      And thanks a lot. The lecture was paticularly helpful. This kind of information is not that easy to find.

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