Sketching Heads in Zbrush

Fundamentals, Practical

3-hour class covering techniques to properly sketch a head from a sphere in Zbrush using Dynamesh.
We’ll cover the following:
  • Good vs Bad References.
  • Proper Zbrush scene scale.
  • The concept of primary, secondary and tertiary details.
  • Simple exercises to improve our sculpting skills.
  • Techniques to improve our observation of proportions, planes and silhouette.

As these topics are complex and the subtleties important, expect us to continue covering them all the way throughout the Facial Sculpting block.



  1. Larisa Beliaeva says:

    Hi Laura! Are there any not pronounced principles in 3D sculpting that are analogs to 2D artists’ principles of “stroke economy” or “line economy”? Thanks!

    1. You know that’s an interesting question and I don’t know of anyone who has really thought through what the equivalence of “stroke economy” is for 3d sculpting. It may show how young digital sculpting is as an art form. I mean, I think the concept of stroke economy translates quite well to 3d sculpting and there’s an interesting challenge at the heart of trying to sculpt better and better heads with less and less brush strokes. Like I said though, I don’t know if the topic has been discussed anywhere. If anyone knows of a digital sculptor anywhere discussing the topic, please share.

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