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Introduction to Substance Painter

Fundamentals, Theory, Practical


A gentle introduction to using Substance Painter to texture assets with a focus on what is important to know to texture characters for a typical video game pipeline. We cover:


  • The Interface and Navigation of Substance Painter.
  • The Whole Texturing Workflow for a Typical Asset.
  • The Concept Known as Material-Based Workflow.
  • Diverse Tips and Tricks to Quickly Build a Strong Texturing Base.
  • A Practical Demonstration.

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  1. Aldis Igaunis says:

    Hey, Laura

    Regarding normal and height maps at 1:58:00. If height maps are converted into normal maps upon export why would we even bother tweaking normal maps at all? I suppose there could to be some niche situations there you would want to use both no?

    1. Hey Aldis, on video game productions and on assets that are rendered inside real-time engines, normal maps is what we commonly use to display that extra level of detail that the 3d model cannot provide. Height maps are rarely used. For other use cases, the height map might certainly be more important than the normal map. It all depends what you intend to do with your textures.

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