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Using the Textile Generator in Blender

Fundamentals, Practical


A 90 minute in-depth breakdown of how to use the Outgang Textile Generator within Blender where we explore the textiles and shaders of the Balthier fan art that Laura is working on. This class has three chapters. The first one is an overview of the Blender scene, including a discussion of poly count, lighting and rendering. The second chapter is an in-depth breakdown of all the shaders used on the character including an explanation of how the anisotropic effect is achieved on the shirt and how the shin guards have been created. Chapter 3 describes in detail the two approaches to using the Outgang Textile Generator (Free or Pro version) in Blender, the first of which is to use the generator with Substance Player and the second is to use the generator through the Substance 3d addon for Blender. We also talk about:

  • Real-time anisotropy using Eevee.
  • Setting up displacement maps.
  • SRGB, performance of PNG’s versus TGA’s.
  • Shading of hair, silk and textiles in general.


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