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Unwrapping in Blender

Fundamentals, Practical


This is a full class on how to unwrap in Blender where we cover all the tools, addons and techniques we need to unwrap a head to AAA game quality.

During this class we discuss in detail the following: UV editor interface, UV Sync On/Off, Unwrap function, seam creation, Sticky Selection, Stich function, Select Linked, straightening tools, Pack Islands, Grab, Relax and Pinch brushes, Textools addon, MagicUV addon, Copy/Paste UVs, Multires modifier, Shrinkwrap modifier, projection techniques, baking vertex color and much more!

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  1. Renso Colimodio says:

    Hello Laura! how are you? I am doing an introductory online course to zbrush here in Argentina and they just showed us the RizomUV tool. Have you used it? They told us that it has a better algorithm than other tools and that it is easier to use than maya or blender. I still have to see this video but I think that from what I saw quickly there is not much difference

    1. Hey Renso! I’m doing great, thanks for asking! Rizom has been around for a while, it’s a great tool but it’s not free. Maya has Unfold 3d integrated which, from what I remember, is the same algorithm as Rizom. I definitely prefer the output of Rizom/Maya’s Unfold 3d over Blender’s and if money or software-juggling is not an issue it’s a great unwrapping approach. Blender’s unwrapping is more than adequate as well, there’s no bad tools and with all of them it’s possible to do a great unwrapping job. Hope that helps!

      1. Renso Colimodio says:

        Absolutely, Thanks Laura!

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