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Zbrush Fundamentals

Fundamentals, Practical


A 4-hour in-depth introduction to all the basics of Zbrush that you need to know to get started sculpting within the software. We cover the following topics:

  • An Unofficial History of Zbrush and its Interface.
  • Working with Dynamesh.
  • The Most Important Brushes to Master.
  • Masking, Transforming and the Notion of Subtools.
  • Understanding Where to Place your References on your Screen
  • In-Depth Sculpting Demonstrations.



  1. Shu Cheng Chang says:

    Hi Laura, when I try to sculpt with claybuildup brush, the strokes always felt very blocky. I tried to play with focal shift and lazy mouse settings but it just felt… off. Is there any adjustments I can do to achieve the smooth feeling like yours? Sorry if I can’t expain the question really well, English is not my mother tongue, I hope you can still understand what I am trying to ask.

    1. Hi Shu, thank you for your question. Have you set the Alpha-> Blur value to 15 and the Stroke -> Roll Dist to 6? Those two settings have a bigger impact for me than lazy mouse and focal shift. I’m not sure what else could be contributing to your brush strokes not feeling smooth but if you can’t figure it out, send me a quick video of your strokes at and I’ll see if there’s anything that comes to mind.


      1. Shu Cheng Chang says:

        Hey Laura, I tried your suggestion and it works like a charm! Especially the roll dist setting really makes my strokes A LOT smoother. Thank you for the helpful suggestion and quick reply, Laura. You really are the best teacher out there on the internet.

  2. Andreas Dam says:

    Hi Laura, The point about the second screen was great, it’s something i’ve sorta suspected for a while, but didnt’ really take seriously as i did not want to give up “screen real estate”. Today i gave it a try to put my ref on my primary monitor with pureref, and i have to say, it’s been a HUGE difference for me. How could something so obvious have taken me so long to grasp. This alone is going to be HUGE in my improvement as an artist.

    1. It makes sense to want to maximize screen real estate but having references close by has been well researched. There’s even a name for it: Spatial Contiguity Principle. Look it up if you want to nerd out.

  3. Long Tran Quang says:

    I can’t watch the video

    1. Hi Long, the video plays fine on my side. I’ve reached out to you by email to troubleshoot what the issue might be. Cheers!

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