Cyberpunk Haircut

by Andreea Scubli


This futuristic hair is meant for use in a current/next-gen game, standing at 70k triangles. It combines several styles, ranging from patterned buzz cut, short fringe to shoulder-length hair. It features a mix of braids, straight hair and dreadlocks.

This shirt and all included data can be used to:
  • Study the structure of a high-quality real-time groom,
  • Act as a quality target for your own hair assets,
  • Use as-is or modified for use in a commercial product (with a minimum price of 150 USD),
  • All data from the cards to the textures can be used separately for your creation projects.

Included Files

The Maya file, two separate .fbx meshes for the cards and the cap, and the textures.

About Us

This haircut is the creation of Andreea Scubli. 85% of the money you pay goes to her directly. The other 15% goes to Outgang to cover payment processing fees, web hosting fees, marketing and to generate a small profit for Outgang.

Included Files:




Maya 2019


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