Zbrush Layer Export Tools

by Florian Jonas, Laura Gallagher

Low-res game hair


Cyberpunk Haircut

by Andreea Scubli


Victorian Shirt

by Laura Gallagher


Looking for intensive character art training?
Mentorships are structured learning environments that offers steady feedback and guidance that is tailored to help you achieve your long-term goals.


Hair Creation Mentorship

by Andreea Scubli


Character Creation Mentorship

by Laura Gallagher

Join us...

100+ hours of character art videos and other stuff.

  • Beginner to advanced Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, Substance 3d Designer videos and other stuff like that.
  • A bunch of cool handouts for you to keep.
  • Kinda gross virtual anatomy dissections.
  • Guests! Marco!
  • Fresh content from time to time.

Included Models and Tools

  • Rigged male and female base bodies
  • Head base mesh with UVs
  • Marvelous Designer samples
  • Substance Designer example graphs and textures
  • Sculpted heads.
  • Recurring every month until cancelled
  • Recurring every year until cancelled

Outgang's refund policy
If you are dissatisfied for any reason with your purchase, contact us within 7 days of your transaction at and ask for a refund.
Mentorships can be cancelled before the first session has happened for a full refund minus a 50 USD processing fee.
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