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3d Model Breakdowns

Intermediate, Theory, Practical


Three hours of detailed character 3d model breakdowns.

We cover:

  • The good and bad about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud 3d model.
  • The importance of having a low-res follow certain details such as folds.
  • The concept of trims and trim sheets.
  • How to break down a character in multiple texture sheets.
  • In-depth hair and eye low-res creation examples and tips.
  • The polygon budget for a low-res character.
  • An in-depth look at Aerith from FF7R, Cyrax from MK11, Vaclav from DXMD and student works.


Disclaimer: These models are the properties of their respective owners. We do not distribute or sell any of the data nor discuss how such data can be acquired. These data are used as part of a class because we believe they hold educational value.

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  1. milo20060 says:

    Yea Cloud’s pants kinda look almost like they are paper lol. If they wanted to make them lethery or jean/denim like, I think then the folds should be more rounded. Like there should not be much buckling or sudden sharp angles. But overall I do like the models too.

  2. Jasper Hesseling says:

    1:18:00 I believe the duplicate layer has to do with shader effects on top of the model. Correct me if I am wrong.

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