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Blocking Out a Garment in Zbrush

Fundamentals, Practical


A 3-hour class on the techniques to properly sketch out a garment in Zbrush that can eventually be imported in Marvelous Designer. We cover the following:

  • Describing our Inverse Reconstruction Technique to Garment Creation.
  • The Three Most Important Points to Create a Successful Garment Sketch
  • A Demonstration on How to Sketch a Garment
  • Discussing Seam Placement

This class has the privilege of being Outgang’s first ever recorded class.

This class is reserved for members.


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  1. Sam Walton says:

    Hey Laura could you show a workflow to incorporates clothing and hard surfaces? How would you utilize Marvelous Designer and hard surface materials like in KillZone or Horizon Zero Dawn, thanks?

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