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Facial Texturing with Substance Painter

Fundamentals, Theory, Practical


A 3-hour class looking at powerful procedural techniques to create an albedo for a face using Substance Painter. We cover the following topics:


  • The research by CG artists into skin color.
  • How the different layers of the skin impact skin color.
  • Procedural techniques to quickly build a strong albedo base.
  • Using the Mask Editor of Substance Painter effectively and creatively.
  • What details need to be manually painted and how.
  • The impact of the roughness on the final result.


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  1. Larisa Beliaeva says:

    Hi Laura! As I remember, the yellowish tone of the asian skin isn’t connected with the type of melanin (eu- or phao-). Only with the size and distribution of melanosomes. The amount of pheomelanin in the human’s epidermis is very minor. It becomes visible only in very light skins (like those of red Irish people).

    1. Larisa Beliaeva says:

      *i meant “pheo-“, of course 🙂

    2. Larisa Beliaeva says:

      Or maybe I am wrong. I need more research 🙂

      1. I’m quickly browsing a few research papers based on your comment and I’m coming across a few that support your position. Here’s a quote from one of them: “In addition, the number and size of melanin particles differ among individuals, and is even more important than the proportions of the two forms of melanin in the determination of human skin color [5].” source: It’s an interesting read.

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