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Fold Sculpting and Retouching in Zbrush

Advanced, Practical


A fully practical 4-hour class dedicated to understanding how to sculpt and retouch folds by hand in Zbrush. We cover in detail:

  • How to sculpt folds in Zbrush using all the basic brushes.
  • How to add memory folds to a garment.
  • How to create fold alpha stamps in Marvelous Designer to be used in Zbrush.
  • How to use the Xtractor brushes and Morph UV function to sample and reuse fold and seam details.


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  1. Larisa Beliaeva says:

    Hi Laura! I’ve noticed that you have textile bump texture right on the high-poly in Zbrush. Do I understand right, that we need to have these micro details on the clothes before the texturing stage?

    1. Hey Larisa, I’m trying to find the exact moment in the video where this happens but I can’t find it. I think you’re referring to the idea of putting high-frequency details on the surface using Surface Noise? I do that sometimes just to see what the cloth looks like with those details but I turn those off before baking.

      1. Larisa Beliaeva says:

        I meant the surface of the lab coat. Ok, clear, thanks. One more silly question :). If one, for example, needs to use tartan textile texture, and our clothes have a lot of folds, the sleeves are rolled, etc., how we can manage the retopology and texturing to get the realistic placement of the tracery? Thanks.

        1. Through some careful UV layout. Cut the UVs along the garment seams and orient each shell in such a way that the pattern is oriented the way you wish it to be.

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