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Importing a Garment Sketch in MD

Fundamentals, Practical


A 3-hour lecture that covers the process of importing a garment sketch in Marvelous Designer. We discuss:


  • Polygrouping, Remeshing and Unwrapping a Sketch
  • Using Maya’s Unfold 3d and Reducing Surface Stretching
  • Importing the Sketch in Marvelous Designer
  • Troubleshooting Import Problems
  • Cleaning up the Sketch after Import


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  1. Edgar Blanco Martínez says:

    Hi Laura!

    Even after the clean up i still get “Could not recognize UV borderline correctly. Please check the UV with other software”

    I’m trying to import a blazer into marvelous. Do i have to erase the geometry of the inside of the blazer? I want it to be open


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