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Importing a Garment Sketch in MD

Fundamentals, Practical


A 3-hour lecture that covers the process of importing a garment sketch in Marvelous Designer. We discuss:


  • Polygrouping, Remeshing and Unwrapping a Sketch
  • Using Maya’s Unfold 3d and Reducing Surface Stretching
  • Importing the Sketch in Marvelous Designer
  • Troubleshooting Import Problems
  • Cleaning up the Sketch after Import


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  1. jacob.siler91 says:

    Hi Laura,

    I have been loving all the content at outgang. Outstanding work!
    I am very interested in being able to do this starting in Blender with a quickly extracted mesh, and ending in marvelous designer. I have Quad remesher, and 20 + years of experience, unfortunately I can’t seem to escape marvelous not being able to calculate the seams even with a beautiful topology. Is there a chance you could do this content working from Blender out, please?
    Thanks for all your amazing content.


    1. Hey Jacob, yeah I’ll think about that. I’m moving more and more towards Blender as my go-to 3d software for sculpting and other things. Even from Zbrush, some panels just randomly don’t seem to work with this pipeline for no apparent reason. When you mention that MD doesn’t calculate the seams, is that across different panels/garments? In other words, how general is this of an issue for you?

  2. Edgar Blanco Martínez says:

    Hi Laura!

    Even after the clean up i still get “Could not recognize UV borderline correctly. Please check the UV with other software”

    I’m trying to import a blazer into marvelous. Do i have to erase the geometry of the inside of the blazer? I want it to be open


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