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Introduction to Marvelous Designer

Fundamentals, Practical


A 4-hour introduction to all the basic knowledge of Marvelous Designer that you need to know to start creating your own garments. We cover:


  • An Overview of Marvelous Designer’s Interface.
  • Navigation and Important Shortcuts.
  • Creating Basic Garments.
  • Avatars, Default Library, Sewing Panels
  • Arrangement Points, Avatar Tapes, Internal Lines

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  1. Prisha Juneja says:

    As an experienced CLO3D user, I’ve still uncovered some invaluable nuggets.

  2. Engin Hergul says:

    how ı can enter your discord?

    1. Check your account page, there’s a link in there.

  3. Simon Eberl says:

    Awesome tutorials as always! Thanks Laura!

    1. My pleasure, thanks Simon!

      1. Engin Hergul says:

        you are perfect

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