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Retopology in Blender, Part 2

Intermediate, Practical

This video is the second part of our retopology in Blender series of classes. It is a practical demonstration of how to go about creating the mask of the face. We cover:

  • Where to place edge loops and poles for best deformation.
  • The importance of keeping polygons square and uniformly spreading vertices.
  • In-depth demonstration of how to use the BSurfaces addon and annotations to generate topology.
  • In-depth use of the Polybuild tool and other modelling tools.
  • How to solve complex topological challenges.

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  1. Michael Klukowski says:

    this video was awesome. For someone like myself, who is new to retopology, seeing each step of the way has been incredibly useful. Especially the commentary along the way with problem solving, exploration of potential retopo solutions and overall thought process is super insightful!

    1. Thanks Mike! I think you’ll love part 3 then haha.

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