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Retopology in Blender, Part 1

Fundamentals, Practical


This video is the first part of our retopology in Blender series of classes. During this class we cover all the important tools that you need to know to be able to retopologize a head, or anything else for that matter. In this class we cover:

  • How and why to decimate a high poly prior to retopology.
  • The Blender built-in plugins such as BSurfaces that are important for retopology.
  • How to use the Annotate tool to quickly start the retopology.
  • The Blender modelling tools and techniques that are useful in the case of retopology.
  • How to properly relax and space vertices.


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  1. Thrace Kelsick says:

    This was a great introduction to retopo in Blender, thanks! I will say I’m disappointed in how much tool switching is necessary, has a long way to go before being as fluid and effortless as Quad Draw in Maya which is all combined into a single tool

  2. Bryan Britt says:

    After creating a grid with annotate and following the steps to auto smooth, I still have some stubborn polygons that won’t align. What should I do? Thanks for taking the time to do these tutorials. Just learning about the brush settings alone was huge.

    1. Hmm I’m not really sure. Annotations are fun but sooner or later traditional modelling is a better way to go.

  3. Nao Sakamoto says:

    I’m so greatful that you made a Blender Retopology tutorial and this is the best one I’ve seen online so far. Thank you so much Laura for the detailed and constructive tutorials always! I didn’t like retopology process but now I think I might love it 😀

    1. Thank you for the kind comment Nao! This is only part 1, I think your mind will be blown when watching part 2 and 3 🙂

  4. João Gabriel says:

    Hi, during this class it’s shown a bug where when using ctrl+m1 drag to create a new polygon using the polybuild tool, that polygon doesn’t snap to the high poly surface, that is caused because ctrl is the default key to inverse the snapping. So if you press ctrl+m1 to start the extrusion process and then let go of ctrl, you can move the new vertex with it snapping properly. Now correct your posture 🙂

    1. I’m happy to be corrected and for people to contribute to the knowledge pool. This is what these comments are for. I say stupid stuff from time to time :p

  5. Robert Abovian says:

    How many parts will there be, in this Blender series?

    1. Until I get tired of Blender really, it might take a while!

      1. Robert Abovian says:

        Blender is too awesome to get tired of! haha

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