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Styleline Editing with Marvelous Designer 12

Fundamentals, Practical

This class covers how to create garments with Marvelous Designer 12 from scratch with an emphasis on exploring the Styleline Editing feature. We cover:

  • How to use the four different styleline tools, their strong points and limitations.
  • How to create a garment in Marvelous Designer without relying on a preset design.
  • Setting and interpreting fabric properties early on while creating a garment.
  • All the basic shortcuts and functions necessary to create a garment without any prior garment creation experience.
  • How to shape different garment panels to get a great fit.

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  1. Jose Mario Morales Andrade says:

    A faster way to change the gravity is right click in the 3D window in an empty space>simulation properties>gravity. At least in the new version.
    Also I think that each time you change between Fast(GPU), Normal and Fitting simulation, the gravity resets.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out Jose! And yeah the gravity resets when changing modes, it really sucks.

  2. Matthew Sheridan says:

    This seems so much more valuable than a totally structured tutorial. Seeing you problem solve as you work is extremely useful.

  3. Engin Hergul says:

    how we can retopo in Marvelous designer

    1. I’ll make a class on that eventually.

  4. Engin Hergul says:

    veryy goood

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