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Exporting out of Marvelous Designer (Legacy)

Intermediate, Practical


We present a pipeline to export a garment out of Marvelous Designer using a combination of Zbrush’s ZRemesher, Panel Loops and Maya’s transfer Attributes. Please note: We designed a new and much simpler-to-use pipeline to export your garments out of Marvelous Designer that you will find available here: Exporting from MD Using Blender.

The video you are currently watching discusses:


  • Raw Exports and When it Makes Sense to Do So
  • Quadrangulation and Remeshing in Marvelous Desigher
  • Using Maya’s Transfer Attributes
  • Getting a Clean Topology with ZRemesher
  • Mesh smoothing and Panel Loops
  • Projecting a Mesh in Zbrush


We put together a chart that you can easily follow to find our recommended approach to your export process, please find it here

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  1. Dag Petersen says:

    Hi Laura! Amazing tutorial, I have a question regarding pockets. As you usually have them separated on the UV in Marvelous Designer, you cannot use the transfer by UV, how would you go about making a shirt with pockets then using this workflow. Also internal sewing lines makes for lots of problems. Any tips?

    Warmest regards, Dag

    1. For the pockets yeah it’s easy you can always do the transfer for specific pieces individually. Just separate the pockets from the shirt 🙂 I’m not sure how to help you exactly for the internal lines.

  2. Shu Cheng Chang says:

    Hey Laura, thanks for the detailed workflow! But I’m having trouble dealing with clothes that have eyelets(if that’s what it’s called) on them. I just can’t get Zremesher to holds up the eyelets properly. Any tips for this? Or I should just start retopo manually?

    1. Yeah those are typically pretty small so I can see those failing to be captured properly using Zremesher. If everything else comes out properly it should be only a small zone to manually retopo. Not everything can be done automatically I’m afraid! That is until we have retopo AI… 😉

  3. ibrahim bitam says:

    Hey Laura! finally got the time to follow up
    so am wondering if this method can be used to produce the final mesh “game mesh” and use it let’s say for baking? or more to be used in Zbrush to add more details?

    1. Hey Ibrahim! The pipeline outlined here is really to go from MD to Zbrush, such as when you’d like to continue working on the garment in Zbrush after being done with Marvelous Designer. Some parts of the mesh could be recycled for a final game mesh but it’s not the goal. Best thing for a game mesh is really to do a manual retopo.

      1. ibrahim bitam says:

        thank you ) very useful workflow indeed

  4. Gip Mar says:

    Hi Laura, thank you for these lessons. I just joined the Ooutgang community last week. The Fold Anatomy class and Substance Designer classes blew my mind !!!

    I would like to ask you about the retopolgy workflow that I’ve seen elsewhere. The process is retopo in MD, cleanup, weld in Maya, smooth mesh in TopoGun, adding holding edges in Maya. This then becomes base mesh for ZB work. The base mesh created seems to have more “natural flow”, as oppose to gridded layout, but apart from its appearance, I don’t really understand the pros and cons of this workflow. It does seem this workflow is more time-consuming. I wonder if you could share some light on this subject. Thank you for all you do.

    1. Hey Gip, I haven’t tried the particular workflow you described so I can’t comment on it’s pros and cons but there seems to be a lot of ways to skin a cat, so to speak, when it comes to the MD->ZBR pipeline. Best is to just try different approaches that sound appealing to you until one comes out on top as the most comfortable for you.

  5. Aury Gabryel says:

    Hi Laura ! Just watched your video and it’s great ! thank you for your work 🙂
    But I have a problem on the very final step wich is reconstructing subdivision, while doing so, my UV stretch in a weird way.. I tested on different Zbrush versions, even PC. I tried a lot of things, can’t figure out why. Did you already encountered that problem ? thank you !

    1. There’s a Smooth UV button you may want to take a look at. I like to keep it off, it could be on in your case. Try it out!

  6. Daniel Cabello says:

    Hey Laura, learning a lot about Marvelous here. I am exporting a garment out of Marvelous and the “Weld” option greyed out and I cannot select it. Do you know why is that?

    1. You have to use Thin and Single Object for that option to be available. Let me know whether that helps.

      1. Daniel Cabello says:

        That worked, it was on multiple objects, thanks Laura! 😀

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